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Quora for SEO: Is it Worth Your Time?

300 million active monthly users. Engagement with the world’s top thought leaders. Growth that could surpass Twitter and Reddit. Those are the claims Quora put forth to advertisers when it launched new targeting options earlier this year. If they’re right, then Quora must be fertile ground for SEO activity – right? In reality, the intersection […]

How Can Blogs Expand Social Media Reach?

What is a blog? Essentially, a blog is a piece of content written for your website that keeps users up-to-date with your products, services, or industry. It can range from a small informational piece to an interview, a news story, or a post highlighting an upcoming event.  Blogs are an effective tool in expanding social […]

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page to Hook Leads & Drive Traffic

LinkedIn has become an incredible marketing tool, especially for businesses who know how to optimize their LinkedIn company page. The premiere professional networking platform is a great place to scout talent, network, and nurture sales prospects. But that’s not the only way to leverage it. LinkedIn also has powerful search engine optimization benefits. Creating a […]

How Brands Use Feelings to Get People to Buy

Often defined as a complex state of feeling, emotions result in both physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behaviour.  They’re associated with temperament, personality, mood, and motivation. Emotions also constitute the foundation on which decisions are made. How Emotions Influence What We Buy Emotions greatly influence and can even determine our buying decisions. […]

What the Google+ Shutdown Means for Businesses

Updated December 11, 2018. On October 8, the Wall Street Journal broke news of a major Google+ privacy leak that occurred earlier this year. Hours later, Google announced in a blog post that it would shut down Google+ by August of 2019. Then, in the wake of a second data breach discovered in November, Google […]

Reputation Management SEO: Why Branded Keywords Should Be On Your Radar

Online reputation management involves more than establishing a website and social media profiles. Conversations about brands are happening at various channels around the web, and the loudest of these discussions converge at one important place: the search engine results page. This post covers the basics of reputation management SEO, including the relationship between reputation and […]