Top 10 Canadian Social Feeds We Love

As a Canadian business deeply entrenched in marketing and social media, we all love to add Canadian content to our social media feeds. If you are anything like us, you do as well! Here are 10 of our top Canadian social media feeds on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Top 10 canadian social feeds we love

CBC Books

Are you a fan of books? Want to include more Canadian authors in your reading? CBC Books is the perfect Twitter feed for you. They consistently share suggested reading lists featuring a number of Canadian authors, their most recent being this list of summer reads. This Twitter feed is also home to the infamous Canada Reads competition, The Next Chapter, and other iconic Canadian events associated with books.


Did you know? DavidsTea is a Canadian company! We are big fans of their stunning visuals displayed on both their Twitter and Instagram feeds. As regular customers will know, they always feature a couple of teas in their stores, with the blend rotating each day. To help boost store visits, they post well-designed promotional images once a week on their Twitter letting their followers know exactly what free samples they can try that coming week. They are also pros at interacting with customers and are just about as excited as you are when a shipment is on the way.

Legacy Greens

Are you a foodie? Do you like to garden and grow your own fruits and vegetables? Legacy Greens is a green grocer in Kitchener, Ontario and their Instagram feed is perfect for you! We love the bright colours across their pictures, seeing produce growing in the fields, and their product features. They are also great at supporting other local businesses in their area. Go Legacy Greens!

Ontario Parks

What better way to celebrate Canada 150 than spending time surrounded by the gorgeous natural landscape our country has to offer? Ontario Parks features countless images from across the provincial parks in Ontario on their Instagram, including numerous snaps from the park visitors themselves! Their feed not only showcases Canada’s natural beauty, but also serves as excellent inspiration for planning your next Canadian adventure.

Jacqueline Poirier

#tbt to chillaxin in the countryside & painting the incredible colours of Mother Nature…??? #fall #allthecolours #plart

A post shared by Jacqueline Poirier (@thecrazyplatelady) on

Are you a fan of art? Jacqueline Poirier, otherwise known as The Crazy Plate Lady, paints anything and everything onto simple white plates, and highlights her art on Instagram for the world to see. She even paints scenery on the plates and holds it up to the camera as if it were part of the photograph as well.

Stats Canada Parody

Want to make looking at statistics fun? You do not have to look any further than the Stats Canada parody Twitter account, sharing mind-boggling funny statistics and other facts related to Canada. It’s great for a laugh on a dreary day, that’s for sure!

Algonquin Provincial Park

Remember how we mentioned we love the Ontario Parks Instagram? Say hello to the Twitter account for Ontario’s oldest and most famous provincial park! Algonquin Park is home to stunning wildlife and scenery, and has been known to have gorgeous displays of the Northern Lights if you are there when the time is right. They also share a lot of content from visitors to the park, making for a down-to-earth and truly Canadian experience.

Canuck and I

Have you heard about Vancouver’s infamous crow, Canuck? He made the news when he allegedly stole a knife from a crime scene. His antics have become so normal in his neighbourhood, he even has his own Facebook page where people can share stories of their encounters with Canuck. Piece of advice if you meet him? He likes Tim Horton’s Timbits and would love if you brought him one—truly Canadian!

Red Brick Café

The Red Brick Café has become a staple in Guelph, Ontario—particularly the downtown location. This hub in Guelph has curated an excellent Facebook page featuring events for the café, such as music nights for musicians as well as monthly trivia events. They also highlight items from their delicious café menu. Believe us, looking at this social feed will make you want to run down there right away!

Aldo Shoes

Are you a fan of Canadian fashion? Aldo Shoes is a great Canadian fashion company, showing their interesting and colours designs for shoes and other accessories across their Instagram feed. Do you wear their products? If you tag them on your own Instagram, you may even be featured on theirs, as they share a lot of content from others! Definitely a lovely visual for Canadian fashion.

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