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What Are Keywords and Why Do They Matter?

What are keywords? In short, keywords are relevant words or phrases that define the purpose of a web page. Optimizing content with well-researched keywords helps increase a page’s search ranking and drive traffic from the right audience.  We’ve written a brief explainer on what keywords are and why keywords matter for SEO. What Are Keywords? […]

Why Page Speed Matters

Page speed is the time it takes to display all the content on a specific page of a website. In other words, it measures how long a visitor has to wait for a page to load. Page speed can have a big impact on a site’s traffic and ranking in search engine results. Learn why […]

New Updates to Google My Business – Fall 2017

All businesses, big and small, should be using Google My Business to bolster their online presence. Google is the first place people turn for information about a local business, and according to the company’s internal data, a well-maintained Google My Business page gets five times more views than unclaimed listings. Like many Google products, Google […]

How Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Affects Your Marketing Strategy

Does your business promote its products or services via email, social media, or other electronic means? If so, Canada’s anti-spam law affects you. Don’t get us wrong — we know you’re not a spammer. Truth is, the law applies to many forms of Internet marketing, including things we don’t normally think of as ‘spam.’ It […]