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5 Steps to Getting a Journalist’s Attention

  Media relations refers to the relationship a brand develops with journalists or influencers. Although the media landscape continues to shift, media relations remains an important aspect of any public relations strategy. Traditionally, media outlets consisted of TV, radio, and print, but now, media has expanded to include more digital channels. When executed properly, media […]

What to Look for In Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a wealth of data. You need to know what to prioritize, or else you will spend hours trying to understand what all the numbers mean for your website traffic. The main point of Google Analytics is to figure out how your website is performing, and what that means in relation to your […]

What Are Keywords and Why Do They Matter?

What are keywords? In short, keywords are relevant words or phrases that define the purpose of a web page. Optimizing content with well-researched keywords helps increase a page’s search ranking and drive traffic from the right audience.  We’ve written a brief explainer on what keywords are and why keywords matter for SEO. What Are Keywords? […]

Why Page Speed Matters

Page speed is the time it takes to display all the content on a specific page of a website. In other words, it measures how long a visitor has to wait for a page to load. Page speed can have a big impact on a site’s traffic and ranking in search engine results. Learn why […]

New Updates to Google My Business – Fall 2017

All businesses, big and small, should be using Google My Business to bolster their online presence. Google is the first place people turn for information about a local business, and according to the company’s internal data, a well-maintained Google My Business page gets five times more views than unclaimed listings. Like many Google products, Google […]

Why Advertise with Facebook?

Facebook advertising is a complex landscape where even the most experienced users can get lost amidst the expansive data and constantly changing features. To simplify the process, we offer this article, which breaks down the benefits of the three main campaigns we like to run on Facebook. This will allow you to understand the “why” […]

Facebook Ads VS. Twitter Ads: A Friendly Face-off

Let’s be honest: deciding where to allocate your marketing budget is a daily struggle. When it comes to social media, the decision is often split between Facebook and Twitter. So, how do you decide which makes more sense for your money? In this blog, we’ll be analyzing three aspects of those platforms: reach/budget, targeting, and […]

Canadian Tech: A Story of “The Hustle”

Jessica Chalk, TrafficSoda and Growing a Company in the Canadian Tech Industry Ambitious. This is the one word that our President and CEO, Jessica Chalk, uses to describe the rapidly emerging Canadian technology industry. TrafficSoda was born and bred (and is growing into its teenage years) out of Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph, the hub of new […]

How Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Affects Your Marketing Strategy

Does your business promote its products or services via email, social media, or other electronic means? If so, Canada’s anti-spam law affects you. Don’t get us wrong — we know you’re not a spammer. Truth is, the law applies to many forms of Internet marketing, including things we don’t normally think of as ‘spam.’ It […]